Are you Looking for the EARLIEST TEST date available?
Allow us to Assist you with BOOKING your Learners or Drivers
Licence test date at one of Gauteng's over 30 test stations!
Earliest test dates available below, we have later test dates available too!!!
LEARNERS   -- within 3 working days  
DRIVERS       -- within 8 working days


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two periods time limit two days or periods time limit maximum time allowed to stay during time or day maximum time allowed to stay during period three periods or days time limit
Vehicles carrying hazardous substances no stopping Vehicle may proceed right only Delivery vehicles must turn right ahead All Vehicles must slow dowm and exercise caution All Vehicles may not stop here
All Delivery Vehicles may not do a U-turn here Vehicles will be Towed if parked here        Parking Prohibited Vehicles will be towed Parking prohibited except for  Permit holders
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