You Looking for the EARLIEST TEST date?


Would you like to avoid spending Hours if not days looking for the best test station with test dates which suit you?

All this information available to you & all Practice Q & A's for Once-Off R69!

Earliest test dates available below:
LEARNERS   --   within 5 working days
DRIVERS        --  within 10 working days

A New document is now required when making your booking, do you know what this is? Let us tell you.

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Do you need to pass your Learner's Licence test first TIME!?
You’ve come to the right place!

We are South Africa's most visited & Original Learners site which provides free online Theory test papers as well as Q & A's where you can practice the types of questions you'll find in the real K53 Learner's test, and see which areas you need to improve on most.

Our goal is to help you pass your Learner's test the first time and put you well on your way towards getting your Driver's Licence.

SA Learners testing material is up-to-date & compliant with the new computerised testing, already used at most test stations around the country.
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SA Learners Testing System

Our testing system is extremely comprehensive as it covers all the tested areas and is written in the same format as the test itself which the Department of Transport has developed.
If you wish to use our testing system you will need to sign up and become a member.

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SA Learners Theory Material

We have provided this section for you to study all the necessary material which you need to know before attempting the test Q & A's.

When you 'click' on the above menu link called "Theory" you will notice a number of options to choose from. We advise you to start with  "Road Rules" , however which section you start with is not critical - it's critical to cover all the 'Theory Material'  for the learning process, if you have limited time then Q & A's will need to be your focus
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