We have provided this section for you to study all the necessary Theory Material which you will need to know before attempting the test Q & A's .........
When you 'click' on the above menu link called "Theory" you will notice a variety of options to choose from. We advise you to start with the "Road Rules". Here you will find a number of pages filled with content for you to review and study.

We advise you to start with the "Theory" and then attempt the test's which we offer. Once you have completed this you will be able to identify potential "Attention areas" where you will need to return to the Theory Material and review the content as thoroughly as possible.

We compile ALL of our material from the National Road Traffic Act, therefore our material comes directly from the source and is 100% credible and accurate..

Please review the theory material thoroughly as this will ensure you are suitably equipped while taking the test. You need to be comfortable with ALL  this content before booking the real test!!!


Our testing system is extremely comprehensive as it covers all the tested areas and is written in the same format as the test itself which the Department of Transport has developed.

If you wish to use our testing system you will need to sign up and become a member Sign up Page once you have completed this process you are required to make a once off payment of R150 for your account to be activated, once this process is complete all the testing system facilities become yours and you have instant access to over 460 questions and answers. 

If you would like to view an example of how the test's work go to the following link Example Questions here you will get an idea of how our system is structured and what to expect.

There is a facility for you to save your results from each of the tests which you may take as often as you wish therefore enabling you to track and monitor your progress.

This has proven to be an extremely popular addition to our system ... Read More

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