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Driving should be part of schooling
National Minister of Transport Sibusiso Ndebele plans to introduce training for driver's licences as part of the school curriculum.

National Minister of Transport Sibusiso Ndebele plans to introduce training for driver's licences as part of the school curriculum.

IOL asked its readers: Should driving lessons be made part of the school curriculum?

Of the 1 271 people who participated in the poll, 81 percent (949 votes) said "Yes" and 19 percent (222 votes) said "No".

Here are some of the comments posted online:

Driving lessons used to be given after school at some schools. The teachers were trained, the car and petrol sponsored. One of my sons got his drivers licence through this programme. Might not be feasible anymore due to the expense

Absolutely, as long as they are 18 when they get their drivers licence. I hope something comes from this because most of the discussions are just hot air.

Jacqui Bradley:
Absolutely, any initiative that teaches younger generations road safety in any way is the way to go. Its a much better way of learning the rules of the road than a two week crash course from a R200 book from CNA on your own just answering questions in parrot fashion.

Oh Yes!!! an excellent idea, the earlier kids are taught the rules,regulations of the road.The less unlicensed,senseless, reckless drivers we'll have..GO 4 IT GUYZ! 10 out of 10 to transport minister!!!

We cannot jump the gun here, we must remember that not all schools can even afford descent study and teaching materials. This will once again be a priviledge for the so called Model C schools. Instead of buying cars and finding instructures rather buy computers or build science labs for pupils. WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT????

I think it is a disaterous idea, with the rate kids are stabbing each other at school and the rate of school violence how can this be good? The cars will be stolen and vandalised and mis used. And it is unfortunate for the few good kids who want to learn and appreciate things, there are just too many out there who dont appreciate and break and steal. There are way too many other problems that need to be fixed first, proper classrooms, proper honest teachers. Fix all the other problems first.

I THINK EDUCATION SHOULD BE MADE A PART OF THE SCHOOL CURRICULUM..... I Dont care if a 17 and 18 year old can drive... I worry more that they can read write and understand the logic's of life.... Really I think the Education Department should really reconsider their priorities!!!!!


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