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Learners Licence Tests to Be Computerised in Future!
South Africa has been expecting a computerised Learners Licence testing system facility for years. Some of the advantages here would be: faster service, ability to reach remote locations, accuracy and avoidance of corruption. There are numerous "Pilot" sites at various testing centres across the country.

We could not have wished for a more valuable service to be offered from government at a grass roots level in the Learners Driver sphere of things in SA currently.
We have such highly negative issues associated with road transport in our country currently and the best solution to any problem is at the base.

We are at least heading in that direction. If you are firstly able to motivate individuals to actually obtain their licence legally in the first place we are on to a good start. Offering a more reliable and reasonably timed testing system would be a great start.

We can only hope this will be a complete success leaving more South Africans with their lives not unnecessarily taken from them before their time!!!

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