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SA road users want better law enforcement
Johannesburg - South Africans say better law enforcement is more important in reducing deaths on the roads than decreasing the speed limit, according to a survey by marketing group TNS.
"While 71% of adults polled felt reducing the speed limit would be the best way to reduce the number of deaths, 81% felt better law enforcement would be the best solution," TNS head of innovation Neil Higgs said on Tuesday.

The study was conducted among 2 000 metropolitan adults at the end of October and early November this year.

Higgs said there was no notable differences by gender, age group or income but there are some differences by area.

"Whilst the need for better law enforcement is generally higher in most areas, it is reversed on the East Rand and in Pretoria, but is particularly high in Soweto and in all the coastal cities."

"The fact that both levels of response are so high suggests that this is seen to be a serious problem by most people, said Higgs.

"It is clear that better law enforcement is seen as central to the problem in almost all areas."
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