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Driving tests for over-60s?
Drivers older than 60 could face compulsory driving tests every two years after the EU commissioned two studies to look into senior drivers and road accidents.

DISCRIMINATION?: European drivers older than 60 years could soon be subjected to additional driving tests.

The European Union Commision is considering imposing more-stringent driving conditions for its older drivers.

The commission is investigating tests every second year for drivers older than 60 and annually for those over 75, the London Daily Mail reports.

Apparently older drivers in the EU make up 16 percent of the driving population but are involved in around 21 percent of accidents.


Two studies have been commissioned. One will look at whether medication taken by senior drivers plays a role in crashes.

Although some European countries already have rules concerning older drivers, some quarters have reportedly already branded the proposed uniform special driving licences for the elderly as discriminatory.

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