YOU choose when & where to book!

Below is an example of a Test Stations booking Schedule at a Gautent test station. You will receive access to over 30 test stations Schedule information like below on your member page once you have signed up.

This Schedule allows you to do the following:
--> Choose to visit a test station which has the Learners or Drivers test dates which suits you
--> Have access to the correct contact details & Address of test station.
--> SAVE you TIME, avoid making the effort of going to a test station & not receive a test date which is suitable for you!!!

For a once-off fee of of R59, you will have access to this Schedule as well as our Learners Questions & Answers

                                      BOOKING SCHEDULE - CLICK HERE
Learners   -  earliest test date available
Computer YES
Drivers    -  earliest test date available
Bookings: Every day, be there from 7am
Booking Times: Between 8am - 3pm
Address: Displayed once logged in
Map: Displayed once logged in
Contact Details: Displayed once logged in
Additional Info: Please take with you when booking:
* 1 ID Book
* 1 Photo Copy of ID book
* R108 - Booking fee
* 2 Black & white passport sized pics
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